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2016 Legislative Session is Underway

The 2016 legislative session began last week amid controversy, high expectations, and, as usual, a lot of uncertainty. After the Senate voted to suspend one of their members for the first time in Vermont history due to charges of sexual assault, committees began to set their agendas and the Governor presented the administration’s priorities in […]

2015 Session Ends on High and Low Notes

Another legislative session came to an end late Saturday night on the 16th, and the final results were mixed. Did we heed the calls for education and healthcare reform or address structural flaws in our tax system, taking bold and decisive actions to right the listing ship? It depends on who you ask and how […]

April 6, 2015

Last week the House passed H.361, an education reform bill. The bill includes many intentions and action steps aimed at addressing education governance (in the form of Integrated Education Systems of at least 1,100 pre-K to 12 students), education funding, and education quality. It also includes many studies and reports. No major changes to the […]