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Money Troubles

The biggest and most challenging item on the Legislature’s agenda this session is the 2016 budget. As you’ve probably heard or read about, there is a $112-114 million budget gap between budgeted expenditures and available revenue. How did we get to this point? There are some answers, but none of them are particularly satisfying or […]

Town Meeting Week

Town Meeting is just around the corner and the annual deliberation over school and municipal budgets begins in earnest. Pomfret voters will be deciding whether or not to merge educational services with the Bridgewater School while keeping their school open under a new name. Barnard voters will be considering a moderate school budget increase of […]

Problems, Reactions… Solutions?

February 11, 2015 The first few weeks of the legislative session have mostly been spent on fact-finding, soon to be followed by the assembling of committee proposals and the modification of bills through expert testimony from witnesses representing different sides of the particular issues. Debates on the House floor will be increasing in frequency and […]

Legislature Digs In

It’s been three weeks since lawmakers returned to Montpelier amid what some have referred to as crises of budgeting, education, water quality and healthcare. Committees are ramping up their work on the daunting challenges facing Vermont and working towards decisions that will impact our state for years to come. Meanwhile, the nation faces significant economic […]

2015 Session Underway

The legislative branch of our state government reconvened last week amid a heady combination of tension, anxiety, uncertainty, optimism and civility – for the most part. With a projected gap between tax revenues and budget expenditures of up to $100 million, an education spending/funding/governance crisis, water pollution, and still being at or near square one […]