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2015 Pre-Session Briefing Part 2 – Education and Healthcare

Last week I wrote about a fiscal briefing that was presented to legislators at the State House two weeks ago. The outlook was gloomy and it appears that the administration will seek to manage the larger than expected discrepancy between revenues and spending ($100 million, give or take) through budget cuts alone and not tax […]

2015 Pre-Session Fiscal Update

Last week the legislature was presented with a budget forecast for 2015 along with updates on healthcare reform efforts and the challenges and opportunities in education finance and delivery. All of the information can be viewed here: [http://www.leg.state.vt.us/jfo/reports.aspx] As many already know, we are facing the potential for an upcoming $100 million gap between revenues […]

Running on my Record

I grew up in Barnard and attended the Barnard Central School when there were only two classrooms, but went away after high school like most of my peers. It didn’t take long before the Green Mountains beckoned me back home, but I struggled to find my place and my calling. I took the initiative and […]

Policy Positions

The following questions were posed by the Randolph Herald to candidates running for office in Windsor and Orange Counties. Word count was limited to 600 for all answers and I came in at 599, which was quite a challenge! What is your position on Gov. Shumlin’s plan to move the state to a single-payer system […]