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After Town Meeting

It is unclear at this point if the House Ways & Means Committee will set the final property tax rates in time for Town Meeting. School budgets are still being set around the state so the statewide average is still in flux, but we are almost certain to see a rise in rates in the […]

Cellphones in Cars

H.62 aims to prohibit drivers from using cellphones in moving vehicles. As the bill was amended by the Transportation Committee this prohibition extended to the activation and deactivation of hands-free functionality while moving, without taking into consideration the fact that most smart phones allow for one-touch activation of hands-free functionality. I voted NO on the […]

Campaign Finance “Reform”

On the first roll call vote of the year the House voted to approve S.82. To counter corporate and special interest money that can be donated anonymously to candidates through front organizations, the bill adjusts donation levels and allows political parties to donate unlimited amounts to candidates. This is a bad deal for Independents and […]

GMO Labeling

On February 6th, citizens came from far and wide to fill the well of the House and testify in support of H.112, a bill that I co-sponsored last year which would require that certain foods produced using genetic engineering be labeled in a simple and straightforward way. Vermont consumers, by an overwhelming consensus of approximately […]