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Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans to get free hunting and fishing licenses – H.589, a Fish, Wildlife & Water Resources Committee bill, includes a provision that veterans with disability ratings of 60% or higher can obtain free hunting and fishing licenses. It is currently 100%. As of this writing I have drafted an amendment to lower the rating […]

Federal Farm Bill

Congressman Peter Welch reported to our committee that a new five-year Farm Bill has finally passed into law after years of stalled negotiations. The Farm Bill is an enormous, trillion dollar piece of legislation that is packed full of good ideas and bad ideas. Too many to even begin to mention in this short column. […]

Vermont House Reconvenes

“In recent months, most of the political and media attention has been focused on health care reform. However, there is growing concern that school spending in Vermont is rising precipitously – currently at two to three times the rate of inflation – with little end in sight.” The quote above is from a 2005 Shay […]