Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans to get free hunting and fishing licenses – H.589, a Fish, Wildlife & Water Resources Committee bill, includes a provision that veterans with disability ratings of 60% or higher can obtain free hunting and fishing licenses. It is currently 100%. As of this writing I have drafted an amendment to lower the rating to 40% to bring it more in line with what other states offer their veterans. From the Civil War to the War on Terror, Vermont has consistently deployed as many or more troops per capita as most other states, and it seems fair to afford those who have returned from duty with injuries and disabilities the privilege of having free access to Vermont’s wildlife resources. By the time this is printed the amendment will have passed or failed, but either way the underlying bill is a positive development for Vermont veterans who participate in our sporting traditions. Please contact the Fish & Wildlife Department’s Licensing unit at 802-828-1190 for more info or if you know someone who could benefit from this.

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