Legislative Session Nears Halfway Point, End of Biennium

With Town Meeting upon us once again, the Vermont Legislature is rapidly approaching “Crossover”, when Senate and House bills need to be finished and approved before passing over to the other body. Since this is the second year of the 2013-2014 biennium a Senate or House bill that doesn’t meet this deadline (expected to occur by March 14th) will be “dead” unless the Rules Committee and leadership grant special exceptions. With only a couple of months to take exhaustive testimony and meticulously (we hope) mark-up bills, only a select handful make it through the process and most are left to “die on the wall” until someone introduces a similar bill in a subsequent session. While committees have been feverishly buzzing, activity on the floor has been unusually muted so far with the exception of a few matters discussed below. But the second half of the session promises to be replete with vast, transformative and controversial legislation that will affect Vermont for years to come.

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